Dallas Event Pyrotechnics for Dramatic Special Effects

To produce a truly dramatic event in Dallas, choose a pyrotechnic company that has over 75 years of experience working across the United States assisting diverse industries such as sports franchises, touring musicians, convention planners, award show presenters, and movie producers.

Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group is capable of providing Dallas event pyrotechnics for both indoor and outdoor venues. We have created breathtaking pyrotechnics for live performers, as well as for the film industry. Our pyrotechnicians have accompanied the national and world tours of numerous performers including Miley Cyrus, Paul McCartney, Eminem, Motley Crue, Ricky Martin and Usher. Our client list includes the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Cornerstone Productions, Utah Jazz, and the Lucas Oil Off Road Race. We have designed fires and explosions for a number of television productions such as “Fear Factor,” “Americas Got Talent,” “American Country Music Awards” and the “Dick Clark 50th Anniversary,” to name just a few. Our engineers are capable of choreographing pyrotechnic effects that will coordinate perfectly with your other production elements such as lighting and sound.

The next time you need Dallas event pyrotechnics, we can design the perfect special effects to meet your requirements. No event is too large or small, whether you request a confetti cannon for graduation, fireworks for a wedding, or balloon drops for the next big Dallas convention.

We offer a full line of pyrotechnic effects to our Dallas customers. We are able to personalize our services to provide you with customized confetti that will display your business logo, team colors, etc. We can also provide long flowing streamers.

If you are filming a commercial, television show or movie in Dallas, we are capable of producing simulated explosions, small towers of fire, customized flame designs and controlled delivery of flames that are up to 60 feet high.

For Dallas event pyrotechnics during live stage performances, our technicians can create cryogenic effects that mask the entry of the performers. We can also produce low fog clouds or fog walls for video and laser projection. Whether you desire simulated explosions, customized flames, flame bars or flame arches, our special effects will amaze your audience.

For both live and film performances, as well as special events, call us whenever you want to create simulated wind, smoke, snow, haze or bullet hits. We can fulfill all your special effect needs.