Stunning Las Vegas Stage Pyrotechnics

Las Vegas stage fireworks have a lot of competition, but fortunately Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group is ready to help you compete. With 500-plus expert technicians, we can help you produce spectacular Las Vegas stage pyrotechnics that fit your venue and create the mood that you want. Our technicians work on national and international productions, but Pyritz has made our home in Vegas.We offer a wide range of services that enhance your pyrotechnics and ensure that the result is the one you want. We know that our customers are searching for the right combination that will enhance their production or set their venue apart from the rest.

With clients that are live show producers, nightclub owners, and video production companies, we’ve seen it all. We know what works and what could work. We can help you create a mood — surprising, magical, modern, suspenseful or frenzied. We can help you find the right techniques — fire, fireworks, wind, snow, rain, water curtains, fog, fog walls, haze, confetti, streamers, bubbles, and sound effects. We can give you a long list of choices, including original multi-media.You may have heard of us through our work on Fear Factor or America’s Got Talent. You may see our work at Disney resorts or Mandalay Bay. You may have seen touring companies or big musical acts where we have handled the pyrotechnics. Be assured that Pyritz will handle your needs with the same care and conviction that we have handled all of these clients and many more.

Pyritz is a team of over 500 technicians who know the stage. We know what can happen, how it can happen and how to create safe special effects that are also perfectly timed. We work with your plans and vision to create a spectacular show. Whether it’s a one night event, a permanent installation or a world tour, we can create the special effects that will make it over-the-top entertainment. From flames that shoot up 60 feet to walls of water that create a curtain, our technicians can design your one-of-a-kind project. We can help you decide which elements you need, coordinate the timing, provide the safety, and manufacture the high quality products that you deserve, When you need Las Vegas stage pyrotechnics, just turn to the Pyritz Group for all the magical, mysterious, exhilarating special effects you could ever need.