Exciting Los Angeles Concert Fireworks

From the first blast of color to the last falling sparks, we can create your Los Angeles concert fireworks. We know Los Angeles concert pyrotechnics need to stand out. After all, Los Angeles audiences have high standards. The Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group has the expertise to create original, crowd-pleasing special effects from start to finish.We have over 500 highly skilled pyrotechnics engineers and technicians with the needed theatrical, video, mechanical and industrial skills. We work with you from initial planning to final production. We have technicians that are available for long runs or tours. We actually manufacture our own special effects. This allows us to retain control over quality and safety at every point in the process.At Pyritz, we enjoy the planning process and will put your ideas to work for you. We offer full services for fire effects, fireworks, haze, fog and simulated explosions. Cryogenics offers more possibilities, providing bursts of steam. Our technicians can also create water cascades, walls and curtains. Our low smoke generators protect your audience and crew. Fog walls are also a big favorite with many of our clients. If your indoor facility limits your ability to use fire, we have many alternatives that can create much of the awe and exhilaration that fire engenders.

Since we often serve sporting events, industrial shows and conventions, we offer customized streamers, confetti and balloon drops. All of our special effects can be choreographed with music, multi-media presentations and live performances. We can help you handle difficult choices when dealing with special effects in close proximity to performers or fans.

With so many different types of clients, Pyritz sees that there are still common goals. Everyone wants high entertainment value, and we stand ready to provide that. Everyone needs perfect timing, and we have the skill to make that happen. Everyone expects safety and we make that our priority. Finally, we often see a need for one-of-a-kind innovations, and we are happy to help develop them for our clients. Pyritz offers customized product delivery not a rerun of someone else’s show.

As you consider your concert pyrotechnics needs, remember that the Pyritz Pyrotechnic Group can help you build the mood that you need. Whether its sporty, festive, sexy, mysterious, magical or mystical, we can take your vision and create awe-inspiring pyrotechnics.