Top Los Angeles Fireworks Production Companies

Fireworks, pyrotechnics and other special effects require creativity, know-how and innovation that you can’t get from regular Los Angeles fireworks production companies. The Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group works on a number of diverse projects that make it the perfect pick for your next special event. Our large staff can cover all pyrotechnic, industrial and theatrical aspects that are needed for great special effects.

We can coordinate and choreograph all facets of your pyrotechnics. We work indoors and outdoors, and, with our years of expertise, we can help you make the best choices for your creative vision. Since we work with all types of clients, we can surely create the special effects that you need for your production or installation. Let us show you why we are the best choice among Los Angeles fireworks companies.

Pyritz technicians have worked on special effects for music videos as well as television shows like Fear Factor and America’s Got Talent. We have devised the special effects for touring musical acts such as Usher, theatrical performances like Glee Live, awards show and more. We also work for convention planners, industrial show coordinators, and other special event promoters to create unique special effects for their installation or event. For sporting events, we can arrange not only fireworks but all of the pyrotechnics that create atmosphere and showmanship.

We provide fire, water, fog, haze, and cryogenics special effects that can be used alone or in combination. We can customize flame bars to reflect your logo. We can customize streamers, confetti and balloons to reflect your brand or color scheme. We offer special sound effects like glass breaking or guns shooting. We offer controlled, simulated explosions. We offer spurts of steam, water curtains, fog screens, snow and bubbles.

Since we have our own manufacturing facilities, you can be sure that safety is a major component of our work. We use low smoke generators to create rolling fog clouds. We make sure that your crew, performers and audience will be protected from fire, steam, smoke or other dangers. We know how to develop and control complicated delivery systems to produce the best show that you can imagine.

With over 500 engineers and technicians able to assist you, Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group is the right company to handle your Los Angeles special effects, fireworks and pyrotechnics.