Los Angeles Sporting Event Fireworks For Everyone

If you are looking for the best in Los Angeles sporting event pyrotechnics, the Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group can help. We specialize in fireworks, controlled fire delivery, and many other tricks and techniques of the special effects trade. Our crew of specialized engineers and technicians can handle every aspect of your production needs. We offer creativity, innovation, and expertise to match your production ideas and your entertainment values.

Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group handles a wide array of special effects. Our controlled flames can burst forth to music, shoot up 60 feet in the sky or light up a customized flame bar with your slogan or logo. We are accustomed to designing fire delivery systems that must be in close proximity to performers, crew and spectators. We know how to keep your people safe. We also use low smoke generators to keep the fog rolling in without causing the audience or the performers to cough. Our simulated explosions can be added to provide even more awe-inspiring effects.

With our help, your Los Angeles sporting event fireworks can turn any evening into the Fourth of July. Since we have our own production facility, we can manufacture the exact components we need. This allows us to track safety and quality from conception to delivery.

If your pyrotechnics are limited by fire regulations, we recommend water or cryogenics. Cryogenics offer bursts of steam that can make the audience think they are seeing smoke. Cryogenics can provide the perfect magic for surprise entrances and exits. Water curtains and fog curtains add magic and excitement to any event. They are also used for entrances and exits, and these “curtains” are great for laser projection or multi-media.

Since sporting events are meant to inspire and reward the fans, we offer customized streamers, confetti cannons, and balloon drops. We also offer bubbles and even snow to add some fun to your event. We can work with you to create the mood that you want to create. Our special effects can work the crowd up into a frenzy, inspire awe and appreciation for the team, or invite child-life wonder.

The Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group offers top quality special effects to our Los Angeles clients and to clients nationwide. Let us create the pyrotechnics for your next sporting event production.