Amazing Los Angeles Weddings Firework Effects

Your wedding day is a day that you have dreamed about for years. It is one of the most memorable days of your life. Commemorate the event with a ceremony or reception that will be remembered for years to come. Plan a Los Angeles wedding with fireworks to experience the most memorable event your imagination can create. We at Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group are experts in creating the most memorable wedding possible.Imagine being able to light up your names with brilliant colors that illuminate the night sky of your reception. We can even ignite the sky overhead with dramatic displays of colors and sound that will leave you and your guests mesmerized. We have all manner of fireworks and pyrotechnics to mark this special day of your life. Our technicians can choreograph your music to our displays for a truly magical evening.

Los Angeles wedding pyrotechnics is not all we provide. Maybe fireworks do not fit your venue or budget. We provide other services as well to make sure that your wedding day is sure to be remembered. Non-pyrotechnic effects include water curtains and screens, balloon drops, streamers, confetti and and more. We provide fog and CO2 effects that can announce the entrance of the bride and groom, or mask their retreat into their new life. Our custom logo design teams can also provide you with lasting mementos that your guests can keep.

We are a fully licensed and adhere to the strictest safety codes. Your wedding day is far too important to leave in the hands of amateurs that simply over promise and under perform. We are the premiere event pyrotechnic effects company in the Los Angeles area. Using our experience, we can help you design effects that will enhance your special day. We want for your wedding to be a truly memorable one.

Whether your wedding is with the flash and bang of a concert or softer and far more subdued, we provide the options that fit just about every theme, budget and desire. For a display that will keep the memories of your wedding fresh for years to come, speak to us at Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group.