The Best in Mission Readiness Effects

Pyritz Pyrotechnics is an experienced and professional battlefield and wartime simulation company offering a diverse array of effects. Pyritz not only exercises a full manufacturing faculty for all pyrotechnics used for training, but can fabricate custom props and effects for MOUT (Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain) sits and land warfare. We offer a full line of powerful effective non pyro producing effects that produce zero fire hazards for sensitive training areas.

We understand how critical it is to simulate highly realistic scenarios during these trainings. A well executed training will expose participants to the chaos and stress that they can experience in real-life situations. The physical and psychological challenges are intense and we can create the effects needed to simulate these environments. We perform “Chaos Training” that uses the smells, sounds, flying debris, and a state of confusion to induce Stress Inoculation Therapy for the coping skills required to deal with real life scenarios.

Battlefield Effects

Our effects library can create any scenario from a building collapse, to a car bombing, an exploding grenade and more. We have a wide variety of effects available and can customize anything you need to suit the needs of the ‘mission’ for maximum training value. Some of our special effects include:

·  Counter Terrorism
·  Counter Insurgency
·  Force on Force
·  Live Fire
·  Special Operations
·  Evacuations and Search and Rescues
·  Intelligence Gathering
·  Mounted and Dismounted Exercises

Our effects will produce real-life threats for Chaos Training and Stress Inoculation Therapy to improve mission readiness. We can expose participants to scenarios that will help increase their awareness and ability to evaluate a scenario, recognize potential threats and develop their ability to react.

·  Custom RPG’s
·  Unlimited designs for IED’s
·  Vehicle Born IED’s (VBIED)
·  Bullet hits surface and body mounted
·  Large spark effects
·  Blood hits
·  Suicide Vests

*All effects are available in Pyro or non-Pyro configurations.*

Our technology for deploying our effects is unprecedented by anyone else in the industry:

·  Digital firing systems that allow for accurate timing and sequences such as machine gun fire
·  Long range wireless firing systems
·  Patent Pending air cannons designed exclusively for military training
·  Custom product manufacturing for any size and scenario 

Let Pyritz Pyrotechnics provide your mission readiness special effects and be impressed by our organization, technical excellence and state-of-the-art quality services. Contact us to see how we can take your mission readiness training to another level!