Stunning Portland Wedding Pyrotechnics For Your Big Day

If you're like most people, your wedding will be the most orchestrated and elaborate day of your life, and the most treasured. If you want your big day to be truly memorable for you, your spouse, and all your guests, then there is no better option than a spectacular Portland wedding pyrotechnics display to set your wedding apart. Pyritz Pyrotechnic Group, LLC, has the experience, technology, and effects to ensure your wedding day will never be forgotten.

Weddings have been around for centuries and centuries- and so have some of the traditional wedding standbys. Anyone can throw rice at the happy couple- but how many weddings have you attended where the couple emerges from a fog wall? At Pyritz Pyrotechnic Group, we offer a vast array of special effects that can be exactly tailored to accentuate your special day. Our confetti cannons can be loaded with customized confetti with your wedding colors or cutouts of your initials. Mix and match effects such as water curtains, balloon drops, and flame bars to create the perfect honeymoon sendoff or backdrop for some incredible wedding photography. A surprise personalized fireworks display at the end of the evening is the ultimate means of amazing your new spouse. Whatever you can dream up for your wedding pyrotechnics, we have the ability to make your vision come to life.

The staff members at Pyritz Pyrotechnic Group have over seventy five years of experience combined, and have done work for an impressive array of top notch clients. Our work has been featured on nationally broadcasted shows such as America's Got Talent and the 44th CMA Awards. It has lit up the stage for star musical acts like Miley Cyrus, Eminem, and Usher. We've also staged tremendous pyrotechnic displays at sporting events, such as ultimate Fighting Championship bouts and NBA games, and outside some of Las Vegas's premiere hotels and casinos. When you hire Pyritz Pyrotechnic Group to choreograph and execute your Portland wedding pyrotechnics, you can be assured that you are receiving the best that the industry has to offer in creativity, expertise, and customer service.