Simulated Explosives Bring the Battlefield To You

Combat isn't like anything a soldier sees in civilian life. It's chaos that assaults the whole body with aggressive flames, impenetrable smoke and mind-changing explosions. The soldier has to know what it feels like before he gets there if he's to survive and accomplish the mission. Pyritz supplies all of the simulated explosives effects necessary to innoculate that soldier to combat. With special effects by Pyritz, he's seen it before and can carry out the mission.

simulated battlefield

Pyritz has the tools to create any scenario from a car bombing, a building collapse to an exploding grenade. They can supply the equivalent of RPG's, IED's (both ground based and vehicle born), as well as bullet hits both on the surface of vehicles and buildings. Additional effects include spark effects over a broad area, bloody wounds and suicide vests. Pyritz offers these effects in both pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnic configurations.

A good special effect has no value if it isn't coordinated with the entire presentation. Pyritz specializes in timed, multiple effects in close proximity areas. They offer long-range, wireless control over the effects on the simulated battlefield, and they can produce the overwhelming, simulated explosives sounds of battle with air cannons designed for battlefield simulations. Pyritz brings combat to non-combat areas safely. Their non-pyrotechnic displays simulate explosions without launching fire-producing debris.

Pyritz supplies the theatrical, industrial and military world with first-class special effects and pyrotechnics and pride themselves on their ability to interact with the customer and bring the customer's vision to the training ground. Pyritz is based in Las Vegas with offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Florida, New Jersey, and Colorado. Pyritz has a presence in every state of the continental United States with over 500 pyrotechnicians who can deliver superior special effects to both indoor and outdoor venues.

Pyritz does it's work in-house. They use the decades of experience their engineers have amassed to create, design and manufacture custom effects for each customer. In-house manufacture means the effect fits the customer, not the other way around. If it can be imagined, Pyritz can deliver it.