Incomparable Battle Effects

Pyritz Pyrotechnics can create the most life-like battle effects for effective military training. Our experienced and diversified team of experts can simulate the overwhelming chaos and sense of danger that participants need to be prepared for when they face battle. “Chaos Training” recreates the sounds, the smells and overstimulation that soldiers must learn to cope with. This method of Stress Inoculation Therapy has proven highly effective in teaching them the skills needed to survive.

simulated warzone explosion


Our wide variety of battle effects allows us to create nearly any scenario you desire. Car bombs, building explosions and grenade explosions are just a few examples of the battlefield scenarios we can construct. We can set the scene for counter terrorism, special operations, evacuations, intelligence gathering and counter insurgency. We manufacture our own products and can fabricate custom props built to suit your specific military training needs. The services we provide are not child’s play and we strive to expose participants to the most realistic experience possible.

Here at Pyritz we can produce custom RPG’s, vehicle born IED’s (VBIED), large spark effects, blood hits and suicide vests. We also have unlimited designs for IED’s and bullet hits (surface and body mounted). All of these cutting edge effects come together through the high tech systems that we integrate. Digital firing systems control the timing and sequencing of gun fire. We also utilize long range wireless firing systems as well as patent pending air cannons that are specifically designed for military training.

We have a heavy emphasis on safety here at Pyritz. We employ highly trained, responsible staff who take every precaution to ensure things are done right. All of our special effects are available in both Pyro or non-Pyro configurations. This means we can work safely in close proximity. We have more than 75 years of combined experience and continue to deliver top-notch customer service and the best product to our clients. Contact us at Pyritz Pyrotechnics to discuss how we can take your mission readiness training to another level. Call us in Nevada at (702) 453-0808, or in California at (909) 223-0454.