Using Realistic Battlefield Effects in Immersion Training

The world is not a safe place. That is why we have protectors who are training every day to be there on the front lines of any hazard. Pyritz Pyrotechnic Group LLC. is here to provide the battlefield effects needed for full immersion training for any battle scenario. We recreate modern battlefield situations and scenarios to give soldiers an effective eye-opening experience of what real battle is going to be like.

Simulated war zone

Realistic simulation is part of immersion training. Experienced warriors know the chaos of the battlefield and being able to simulate it in a realistic way without all the risks gives new fighters unprecedented experience. The new battlefields for modern soldiers are mostly in the middle of urban environments in foreign lands. The is why Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) training is used to prepare our latest generation of warfighters.

Immersion training based on specific scenarios builds skill sets to help keep personnel alive and active in a real fight. Immersion training establishes an experience of becoming familiar with some of the sights, sounds and smells of what will occur in a real battle situation. Fighters who learn to communicate and move effectively through the pressure wave of an explosion, flying debris, fire, blood, and bullets hitting all around them become warriors that can be counted on to get the job done when the situation is a real one.

All of the battlefield effects we provide to give the most realistic experience of what a real firefight will be like are available in both pyro and non-pyro alternatives. We all know the truth that good men and women perish in battle. Immersion training is a learning tool to fundamentally prepare new warfighters for what it will feel like, look like and smell like in a real battle. Getting this experience helps to eliminate hesitation and overcomes the learning curve of not really knowing at all what to expect until that first real firefight.

The goal of immersion training using advanced pyro and non-pyro effects helps fighters to get to work faster and much more effectively that first time the real bullets start flying. Here at Pyritz we make it so soldiers can experience everything from simulated car bombs, suicide bombers, IEDs and Vehicle IEDs, surface and body bullet hits, smoke, RPGs and other contemporary battle effects. It is a learning experience that can now be had before the first real battle or firefight situation for the soldier ever occurs. Let one of the most experienced and professional pyrotechnics companies help to prepare soldiers in the best way possible.