Realistic Battlefield Support

Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group, LLC offers the best special effects for battlefield support in the industry. We offer various effects for battlefield and wartime simulation. Our manufacturing facility creates all of the pyrotechnics you would use for training. We can also create and produce custom-made props and special effects for both land warfare and Military Options on Urbanized Terrain. Many of our effects are non-pyro producing, which means there are no fire hazards that you have to worry about.

Medina wassle

At Pyritz, we understand the important of being able to simulate a realistic, believable wartime scenario. The only way to conduct effective training is to bring a real-life setting to trainees. It’s important for participants to be exposed to the realities of the battlefield. The only way they can prepare for the real thing is to feel that fear, chaos and stress during the simulation. Our Chaos Training gives participants the actual smells and sounds of wartime, along with actual flying debris. We set up a confusing backdrop for training in order to induce stress. Stress Inoculation Therapy teaches participants how to deal with and manage their stress in real situations.

Our broad library of effects can set up any scenario, including:

• Building collapses
• Car bombings
• Counter-insurgency
• Counter-terrorism
• Evacuations
• Exploding grenades
• Force-on-Force
• Intelligence gathering
• Live fire
• Search-and-rescues
• Special ops

While none of our effects pose any real threat, they will give participants the feeling that there’s a threat. This will provide the necessary Chaos Training and Stress Inoculation Therapy. In turn, participants will be mission-ready. By exposing trainees to various scenarios, they will be more aware and able to cope with the real-life scenario, should they face it.

Effects that are available in both pyro and non-pyro designs are:

• Blood hits
• Bullets that hit the surface
• Custom RPGs
• IED designs
• Large sparks
• Suicide vests
• Vehicle-born IEDs/VBIED

We have novel technology that lets us deploy our effects in revolutionary ways. Our digital firing systems allow us to accurately time machine gun fire in specific sequences. We have long-range wireless firing systems as well as air cannons that have been created specifically for military training and battlefield support.

Our company has the special effects and technology that you need to effectively train participants. State-of-the-art effects are combined with premiere customer service. Contact us to discuss mission training.