Get Your Event Sizzlin’ With Denver Event Fireworks

Do you want to host an event that really sizzles, one that really leaves an impression on the crowd? Trust us, guests that witness an amazing pyrotechnics or fireworks show created by Pyritz will certainly leave impressed. At Pyritz, our over 75 years of combined pyrotechnic and special effects experiences makes us the best and most reliable company to host your Denver event pyrotechnics. Whether you would love a beautiful fireworks display at the end of your wedding reception or you're staging a theatrical event that needs to go off with a bang, we will ensure that your pyrotechnics or fireworks show is safe, professional, and — above all — fantastic.

Whether you're a band manager or event coordinator, we're sure you know the importance of having a professional coordinate and conduct your fireworks and pyrotechnics show for safety and insurance reasons. However, at Pyritz, we do far more than ensure your special effects and pyrotechnics occur safely. In addition, we offer a creative flair to each of the shows we create. Our experience designing effects for artists in concert, television shows, sports teams, and awards shows has inspired our creativity. We promise you a completely unique, completely mind-blowing experience when you choose Pyritz. Pyrtiz has coordinated fireworks, special events and pyrotechnics shows for clients like Miley Cirus, the Miami Heat, Marilyn Manson, America's Got Talent, The History Channel, and the American Country Music Awards. If you want to leave a bang as big as these names, contact Pyritz for all your Denver event fireworks and event pyrotechnics.

No event is too big or too small for Pyritz. If you want a fireworks display at your wedding or a scene requiring pyrotechnics in your independent film, we understand that these events are just as important to you as a major awards show or movie is to its producers. That's why at Pyritz, we are committed to extending the same degree of professionalism and quality to each of our clients, whether they are local theaters or Hollywood movies. Don't settle for second rate — choose Pyritz and choose professional pyrotechnics and special effects.

Go off with a bang — choose Pyritz for all your Denver event fireworks and event pyrotechnics.