Experience the Best San Diego Event Fireworks

Your event demands the highest quality in pyrotechnic effects. Whether you're planning a concert, show or some other special event, Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group can take care of all your San Diego event fireworks.

Though based out of Las Vegas, we maintain distribution centers around the country, including San Diego. Our staff has more than 75 combined years of pyrotechnic expertise, and we have the experience and knowledge to light up your San Diego event with fireworks.

We offer solutions for one-night events, touring concerts, or permanent shows. We have worked with many prominent clients, including the Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, the Mandalay Bay Casino, Paul McCartney and more. We will work with you to make your event spectacular.

We can provide many different types of pyrotechnic effects, and are experts with fire. We can make your logo appear in flames, create arches out of fire, and more. If you need a tower of flame, we can precisely control the height of the flame, up to 60 feet in the air. We are experienced at precision choreography, and can perfectly time our displays according to your wishes. We can even create a simulated explosion to showcase a dramatic moment.

We also offer handheld pyrotechnic effects. Our small, easily concealed devices will allow a performer to shoot fire, dazzle the audience with a brilliant flash of light, and more. Consider our handheld displays to impress your audience.

Our services do not end with fire. We can create simulated fog banks for a dramatic entry or to conceal stage changes. We can also create fog clouds to display laser light shows. Our water screens will allow you to display graphics or videos in midair

Confetti displays are another option popular for concerts, weddings, shows and more. We can create confetti with any colors of your choosing. You can choose to have the confetti shower down from above or erupt from the ground. We can also shoot dramatic flowing ribbons in a color of your choosing to highlight a particular moment. We offer electronically controlled confetti cannons for coordinated displays, as well.

Of course, no pyrotechnic display would be complete without fireworks, and Pyritz does not disappoint. We offer a full line of firework displays for your San Diego event, including curtains, fountains, spinning wheels and stunning aerial displays. Our staff of pyrotechnicians are expertly trained and will work with you to provide the appropriate displays for your event.