Out Of This World Las Vegas Concert Fireworks

Las Vegas concert fireworks are expected to be the best in the business. Las Vegas thrives on entertainment, and entertainment thrives on its special effects. As specialists in Las Vegas concert pyrotechnics, the Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group works with many venues and events. We want to create magic for you, too.

Las Vegas is known for flash, and Pyritz has got you covered. Our fire systems can burst and spurt right on cue. Our water walls will rise or fall with a a wave of a hand or a clap of artificial thunder. Our cryogenics offer fog walls, haze and spurts of steam. We also provide celebration basics like balloon drops, streamer shooters and confetti cannons. Since we have expertise with video production, we also create simulated explosions, produce exciting sound effects and provide multi-media support.

Since we do our own manufacturing, we can create the exact look, exact flash and exact timing that you need. Our technicians can work with you to produce a special mood. This might be a sexy, modern style or an intense, frenzied feeling. It may vary throughout the display with softer, quieter moods giving way to louder, more celebratory ones. Our technicians have worked on projects that are very diverse. There have been television productions like Fear Factor and stage shows like Glee Live. As this obvious contrast demonstrates, mood, structure and entertainment values are part of our work. We can put them to work for you as together we create unique concert pyrotechnics.

We offer a complete line of pyrotechnic and special effects. Our fog can be used to mask a performer’s entry or provide a wall for laser projection. Our team can create flame bars in custom designs and flame projectors that create fire towers. Low fog clouds can be generated with our low smoke generators. We can create wind, snow and rain effects. Water curtains provide a wall between scenes or the place for a multi-media projection. Our streamers and confetti can be customized with logos and colors.

We create special effects and entire shows for sporting events, conventions, and permanent installations. We work just as well indoors as outdoors, and we consider every job to be important. Job size is not an issue with us. Our goal is to provide top quality entertainment value to clients in our home base of Las Vegas and wherever else, nationally or internationally.