Unforgettable Las Vegas Event Fireworks

Las Vegas event fireworks have a lot of competition. Fortunately, with the Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group to implement your ideas, you can create outstanding Las Vegas event pyrotechnics that will impress your audience.

Pyritz is a full-service group of technicians who will help you plan your pyrotechnics from start to finish. We are based in Vegas but we have used our skills for national and international events. We take your needs seriously and want to work with you to create the type of event that will suit your venue, event and budget.

Fire. With our background in movie and television production, we have lots of tricks up our sleeve for fire systems. We put safety first with all fire special stage effects, event fireworks and pyrotechnics. We have the ability to create what you need in our manufacturing facility so we control quality at every turn. If you want controlled fires that light up archways, logos, and more, we can make it happen.

For concerts, sporting events and other exciting acts, we often provide columns of fire that can shoot up as high as 60 feet. We know how to suit your indoor or outdoor venue, and we know how to time your show so that each burst of flame is right on cue. Low smoke generation assures that the crew, talent and audience aren’t inconvenienced by smoke’s unwanted side effects. Simulated explosions are another of our specialties and are a great way to add surprise to a pyrotechnic display.

Fog, Water and CO2. With our stage know-how, we can control elements like fog and water. Bursts of steam, created by cryogenics, can be used much like fire, drawing the eye to the spectacular display. Walls of water or fog can create a place for multi-media displays. Fog and water can also be used like a curtain, providing a spectacular entrance or simply blocking a scene change. With your ideas and our know-how, we can combine these elements with our fabulous pyrotechnics for outstanding results.