Phenomenal Las Vegas Pyrotechnics Effects

If you are looking for Las Vegas pyrotechnics effects, consider how the competition has upped the ante. At Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group, we believe that our standards, entertainment value and combined experience make us stand out among Las Vegas pyrotechnics companies.

Standards are needed when designing and implementing pyrotechnics and other special effects. The competition in Las Vegas is fierce, and we think that we are uniquely positioned to help you compete. Pyritz is made up of more than 500 skilled technicians who are experts in their field. We can help you whether you want fireworks, fog, water tricks, fire tricks, multi-media, or a combination. We use modern techniques and have up-to-date knowledge about changes in the entertainment industry. We have manufacturing capabilities that allow us engineer what we need to suit both your venue and your creativity.

Entertainment value cannot be underestimated. We know that the audience must be served by our efforts. We want to preserve the magic, inspire awe and surprise the fans just as much as you do. We have worked nationally and internationally. We work on indoor and outdoor venues. We work with production companies, nightclubs and event planners. Our many, different clients have one thing in common. They want to know that their guests will be entertained.

With so many different clients, we’ve also become accustomed to creating the mood that the customer wants. The mood might be sexy and modern, scary and intense, crazy and wild, fun and sporty, or even spirited but old-fashioned. If you have a mood you want to create, we can create it through a customer-selected combination of pyrotechnics, fire, water, fog and other special effects.

Combined experience is important to getting the job done right. We offer the wisdom and know-how of our 500-plus technicians. We understand the theatrical and industrial side of the business. We understand how the close proximity of the many elements can lead to danger or to the perfect show. We emphasize creativity and innovation while paying close attention to the details and timing of our pyrotechnics.

If you are looking for pyrotechnics and special effects, we would be happy to work with you to create the look, mood and entertainment values that you envision for your event or venue.