Unstoppable Las Vegas Sporting Event Fireworks

For Las Vegas sporting event fireworks, talk to the experts at Pyritz Pyrotechnic Group. Las Vegas sporting event pyrotechnics are one of our specialties.

We know Vegas. We’re based here. We work all over the country and even internationally, but we make Vegas our home. We have brought together over 500 technicians who know the business, engineering and safety needed to create the best pyrotechnics show for your sporting event.

Kick off a new season, celebrate a victory or just reward the crowd through an exciting display of fireworks, pyrotechnics and other special effects. This is Vegas. The crowd will love it if the team or talent seems to magically appear through a manmade fog or under an archway of fire. Indoors or out, you can create mystery and magic for your atheletes’ arrival. Imagine your boxers or wrestlers appearing in the ring through fog, fire or even a curtain of water. The magic can begin before the game even begins.

Outdoors the sky is no limit as we fill your stadium with cheers for spectacular fireworks that are coordinated with your choice of fire, water, fog, confetti, streamers or bubbles. Multi-media and music, sound effects, and live acts can all play a part in the show. Our tech advisers can help you create the right mood for your display. If you want athletic and aggressive, magical and mysterious, patriotic and straight-forward, or a brash Vegas style show, we can pull all the components together to make it exactly as you envision it.

It’s exciting for crowds to see fire shooting up 60 feet into the sky, lighting up arches or team logos, and creating entrances or exits for talent. They love our water curtains which provide a screen for multi-media or laser lights. Audiences also enjoy fog curtains that can disappear with the wind, revealing the next big act.

Be ready for victory with streamers, confetti or a balloon drop. Treat your fans to a show they won’t forget and it will be a public relations-style invitation for them to return to your venue. The Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group is ready to help you make it happen.