Awe-Inspiring Los Angeles Event Fireworks

When you want Los Angeles event fireworks, you are looking for something unique, edgy and modern. After all, your Los Angeles event pyrotechnics must compete in the toughest market on earth. We can help you with that. We’re the Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group, and our 500-plus pyrotechnic engineers and technicians can provide you with the technical, creative and innovative special effects that you need.We work with fire, shooting controlled flames 60 feet up in the sky or carefully guarding it on flame bars. Since we can customize anything, we can create the exact fire components you want for your pyrotechnic show. We can also simulate an explosion either as a show centerpiece or as an expertly-timed diversion. We have our own manufacturing facilities where our entertainment engineers can put together the exact configurations of your tech plans.We work with water, providing curtains or walls or rain. We can create snow or wind. Our emphasis on cryogenics allows us to create haze, generate fog or create a fog curtain. Since we use low smoke technology, we won’t leave your performers or spectators choking on smoke. If you can’t use fire in your venue, cryogenics can produce the look without the fire. Imagine giant spurts of steam, each on cue with the music. It looks like smoke and disappears like water vapor.

We work with multi-media, music and sound effects. Imagine a wall of water falling to the sound of breaking glass. Imagine drifting fog intensifying the laser light effects.

As a full service special effects company, we also offer streamers, balloon drops and confetti cannons. The balloons, streamers and confetti can be color-coordinated with an event theme or company logo.

We make it our goal to create the mood that you want for your event. You may want to create fan frenzy at a concert, stir up mystery. invite romance, create fun for children or provide a sexy, chic ambiance. Whatever your event or venue needs, we will work with you to provide it.

Our technicians work in all types of venues and for many different types of shows. We supply special effects for indoor venues, outdoor venues and video production. Let the Pyritz Pyrotechnic Group create your Los Angeles event pyrotechnics.