Famous Los Angeles Pyrotechnics Effects

Los Angeles pyrotechnics effects must be special enough to impress an area dominated by Hollywood movie magic. At Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group, we can meet and exceed your expectations.

We have 75 years combined experience in all facets of special effects including theatrical, pyrotechnics, and industrial. With 500-plus technicians and engineers as well as our manufacturing capabilities, Pyritz stands out from other Los Angeles pyrotechnics companies. We can take your project from concept to reality. We handle indoor as well as outdoor projects. We can take care of a one-night event, a long run, a tour or a permanent installation. We’ve worked on diverse projects including Fear Factor and Glee Live.

The combination of your creativity, our know-how and modern innovations can turn your event into the talk of the town. Our technicians can help you choose among a wide range of special effects. Fireworks or fire? Water, steam spurts or fog? Streamers or confetti? We can offer combinations that will fulfill your vision and create the mood you need.

Shooting up in the air, flickering in towers or lighting up a flame bar, fire can be a spectacular part of the show. Fire can be careful choreographed with fireworks, heighten the excitement of a stage show or add to the frenzy or mystery of a musical act. We use a low smoke generator to create low rolling clouds of fog. Since we control the production in our own manufacturing facility, our technicians have an especially tight grip on safety for your performers and audience.

If your indoor venue prohibits fire, cryogenics can create spectacular effects as well as mysterious entrances and exits for performers. Water curtains, water screens, and fog screens hide scene changes or provide a backdrop. Wind is always an option for indoor or outdoor venues. Multi-media or laser lights can be projected on water and/or fog screens.

We can simulate explosions, generate snow and provide sound effects to heighten the mood. We can create flame bars that bear your logo. We can release branded balloons, confetti or streamers.

Our technicians are skilled in concert, theatrical, special event and video productions. If you need Los Angeles pyrotechnics effects, let Pyritz work with you to create an amazing event.