Incredible Los Angeles Stage Pyrotechnics

Los Angeles stage pyrotechnics face a lot of competition. Whether its a permanent installation in a resort or a nightclub, a one-night-only, star-studded extravaganza or a multi-event concert tour, the stakes are high. If you are looking for the best company to design your Los Angeles stage fireworks, consider the combined talent, expertise and innovation of the Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group.

Pyritz has more than 500 pyrotechnic engineers and technicians that work locally, nationally and internationally. We have worked with production companies on projects as diverse as America’s Got Talent and Fear Factor. Our technicians not only design and engineer your pyrotechnics they will provide the support you need to keep the show fresh from night to night.

Pyritz maintains its own manufacturing capabilities. This allows it to expertly and quickly provide you with the configuration, systems and quality that you need for your pyrotechnics. It is our goal to maintain quality from beginning to end of the process. We ensure high production values while still maintaining ample safety precautions for your performers, workers and spectators.

Creativity is key to our work. From the beginning of the process, we establish a give-and-take with our clients. We want our clients to know all of the options open to them: fireworks, fire, wind, water, fog, etc. Our clients want to share their vision: style, mood, timing, and concrete ideas. Once we develop a plan with you, we will engineer the elements of that plan and choreograph it with your performance or event needs.

Timing is key to our work. We work diligently to make sure that every spurt of flame, fog or water is on cue. We make the magic occur seamlessly with your performance, event or installation.

Our experts can create and control fire-covered archways, blast fire up sixty feet into the sky, or maintain low towers of flame. We can create amazing walls of water or fog that disappear like magic or provide a multi-media magical backdrop. We can combine elements to produce a pyrotechnics show that is unique.

Our experts can create a special mood of inspiration, rock frenzy or celebration. Let Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group show you how their special stage effects can make your concert exciting.