Effective Military Support Training

Effective battle training should include an authentic atmosphere. Pyritz believes military members should have the best possible advantage when deploying overseas. Pyritz has a variety of pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnic options for military support training. We even have pyrotechnic systems that were specifically designed for military training purposes.

Simulated explosion

Authentic Pyrotechnics

We have the ability to produce a war-like atmosphere. Our pyrotechnics can simulate car bombs, suicide vests, flying debris, live fire and even rocket propelled grenades. Our pyrotechnics create an authentic atmosphere of battle. Military members become well-prepared for situations they may face in a combat zone. Our authentic pyrotechnics also help to get military members ready for sounds, smells and noises they will have to face. Desensitizing and stress inoculation are just two of the additional advantages that soldiers get when they train with our pyrotechnics. Our authentic pyrotechnics also help to get soldiers ready for potentially chaotic battles.

Experience and Technology

We have the experience to implement an authentic battlefield. We are leagues ahead of other pyrotechnic companies in terms of technology. We have digital firing systems. We can work with military leaders who want to implement accurate timing and firing sequences for training sessions. We have long range wireless firing capability. Our air cannons were specifically designed with the military in mind. We understand that military training should be as real as possible. There is nothing more important than training our military members for potential combat. In addition, we can accommodate nearly any type of training situation, no matter how large it is.


Pyritz helps to prepare military members for combat situations. Soldiers should have the best possible military support training for the potentially dangerous situations that they face. We have a large inventory of pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnic products available. We can simulate improvised explosive devices, rocket propelled grenades, suicide vests and even blood hits. We have the ability to simulate nearly any potential battle situation. We have a thorough understanding of Military Operations and Urbanized Terrain, also known as MOUT. Our large variety of pyrotechnics can accurately simulate the dangers faced by our troops in combat zones.

We are unrivalled in our ability to produce authentic combat zone simulations. Soldiers and military members that train using our pyrotechnics will have an important edge when they are deployed overseas. Pyritz continues to be an industry leader in innovation. Our experience and technology can prepare military members in an authentic but safe environment.