Extreme Mission Support Training Effects

Pyritz Pyrotechnics knows how to deliver life-like training scenarios that can play a large role in preparing participants for the chaos and confusion that they will face in the battlefield. Providing this specialized training using special effects will increase trainees’ awareness and ability to respond, enabling them to do their job and protect themselves and their fellow troops.

Our staff here at Pyritz has over 75 years of combined experience and we can create custom effects for jobs of any size or scenario. Our expertise and track record for professional and safe services make us a first choice for mission support effects. We emphasize the safety of participants and have only the best and most experienced members on our team. Our effects can be created in both pyro and non pyro versions as needed.

simulated explosion

Here at Pyritz Pyrotechnics we are constantly seeking new methods to produce the best services possible. We can create custom MOUT (Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain) props and effects, and perform “Chaos Training” to simulate the confusion of the senses experienced by troops in real life scenarios. The sights, sounds and smells are all created to make the experience as realistic as possible.

Our wide array of special effects offered range from live fire, counter insurgency, intelligence gathering, evacuations, and search and rescue situations. Whether it’s a car bombing, an exploding grenade or a building collapse, we can create the desired scenario in a safe and realistic setting.

Pyritz is on the cutting edge of technology and we exceed others in the industry. Our use of digital firing systems, specialized air cannons (designed specifically for military training) and long range wireless firing systems set us apart in our ability to offer realistic and custom effects.

Let us help you prepare soldiers for the battlefield by exposing them to the convincing chaotic scenarios that will help them to react and cope when they are faced with real situations. There’s nothing like facing those conditions in real life, but simulating what they can expect can help prepare them in the best way possible through mission support training.