One of a Kind San Diego Wedding Pyrotechnics

Here at Pyritz Pyrotechnic Group LLC we know how to end a festive event with a bang and quite literally. We’re experts at all manner of pyrotechnics and special effects and we can make your San Diego wedding pyrotechnics ones that will be talked about for years.

Though we can hardly wait to wow you and your wedding guests with our work, we always put safety first. Before we can even plan our show we have to take the greatest precautions to ensure the safety of our customers, their guests and of our workers. We leave absolutely nothing to chance and will partner with our customers through very step of the process as we try to make their dreams of their San Diego wedding pyrotechnics come true. We can not only provide the fireworks, but we can also provide multimedia, sound and other effects, including fog walls and curtains, clouds, steamers and confetti. We can even project laser shows on our fog curtains, which must be seen to be believed. We can also produce towers of fire that rise, harmlessly, up to 60 feet in the air. As you probably assume, our safety precautions must be the strictest when doing fire work.

Inspite of, or maybe because of, our safety standards we’re always looking for a customer to challenge us. Dare us to do something no one’s ever seen before! We love to make our client’s visions come true and we can do this because we custom design pyrotechnics for our clients. No show is identical to another, which is something our other clients can attest to. Our other clients, by the way, include Miley Cyrus, Luther Vandross, Meatloaf and Eminem. We’re provided pyrotechnics and special effects for sporting events, awards ceremonies, TV shows and movies and nightclubs. You’ve probably seen our work on TV, or at a game or a show and didn’t even know it was us. If you were astounded, if you wished the people who did those special effects or fireworks could show up at your own event, it probably was us!

Our stellar professional staff shares 75 years of expertise in pyrotechnics between them and are adept at both indoor and outdoor work. So if you and your spouse-to-be want to have something completely different and spectacular at your San Diego wedding, don't hesitate to contact us at Pyritz. Our website is We can be reached twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for those who need their pyrotechnics right away. We know that you’re out there!