Incredible Phoenix Concert Fireworks

For Phoenix concert fireworks, pyrotechnics or other special effects to make a concert special, you need an industry specialist. Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group has the theatrical, industrial and pyrotechnic know-how to create a show filled with fireworks, fire, fog, wind, smoke, and haze. Our technicians have showcased Usher, produced special effects for Disney Resort shows and designed for Fear Factor and America’s Got Talent.From the first flame pop of Phoenix concert pyrotechnics to the last drift of haze, your audience will be spellbound. Your concert will be showcased in exactly the type of pyrotechnic show that creates magic, fun and awe. With you. we will carefully craft the special effects to create the image that you want for your musical act.

Phoenix pyrotechnics are safest in our hands. No one respects the power of fire more than we do. We share your desire to leave your fans breathless and to create a show that protects your talent from harm. We can make it look dangerous while ensuring that it is as safe as modern techniques will allow.

Our full line of pyrotechnics include flame effects that shoot up 60 feet in the air. Our flame bars light up arches or a client’s customized design. Our flame projectors blast small towers of fire. Our low smoke design won’t stop the show. Depending on your vision, we can put it all together with fireworks, simulated explosions, smoke, haze and sound effects like glass breaking or bullets firing. Whether we are working on a hip hop concert or with the cast of Glee Live, we know how to achieve just the volume, frenzy and mood that you want.

Indoors we can produce the ultimate Phoenix concert pyrotechnics. Outdoors we can create Phoenix concert fireworks that are perfectly coordinated with your show.

There’s no end to the combinations with Pyritz’s expertise and creativity. We help clients realize what they can only see in their imaginations. With the your vision and our expertise, we create special effects that will work for your unique event and specific Phoenix venue. We engineer the special effects, test them and make sure you are satisfied with the results.

Our special effects staff knows that every event manager wants the event to be unique. Let us help you create the right image and the best possible special effects for your indoor or outdoor Phoenix event.