Phoenix Event Fireworks | Amazing Moments

When you are planning Phoenix event pyrotechnics, you want to talk to the experts at Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group. Our technicians are skilled in providing everything from Phoenix event fireworks to special effects for any occasion or venue. We’ve worked with top musical acts, touring companies, and sporting events. We’ve created many pyrotechnic displays, enhancing them with music and special effects. We manufacture our own systems so we can offer everything you need in one place.The best events start with creative planning. We offer full services from initial meetings to final production. We offer quality control through our own manufacturing. We offer every type of special effect you might need to enhance your pyrotechnics. Water, fog, fire, sound effects, music and multi-media can be used to turn your fireworks into a memorable event.

In addition to our pyrotechnics, we provide flame systems that can shoot up to 60 feet in the air, cover an arch in seconds or display a client’s chosen logo or mascot. Since we control the manufacturing process, we are better positioned to ensure the safety of guests, crew and talent when using fireworks or fire systems.

Pyritz also employs cryogenics for many of our customers. For venues where you want fire without the flame, our engineered CO2 systems can produce shots of steam or blasts of haze that will keep the audience dazzled.

We can create multi-media displays that are choreographed with your pyrotechnics, cryogenics, or other special effects. Water screens, water curtains and other water effects can be used independently or coordinated with other effects.

With our know-how and innovation, we can find a unique combination of special effects that fits with your imagination and vision. Cascading water curtains can give way to shooting flames. Pyrotechnics can be timed with water effects, adding excitement and glamor. Simulated explosions can engulf the audience in a haze only to reveal a new set or new star. Multi-media can be choreographed with the fireworks, the flames, the water and/or fog. Lights and sound can be used to enhance the magic.

Whether you want to create mystery or glamor, work the crowd up into a frenzy, or instill childlike wonder, we can help you achieve it. Pyritz Group is the right choice for indoor and outdoor venues, for large and small spaces, and for any type of Phoenix event.