Inspired Phoenix Pyrotechnics Effects

When you need to organize a spectacular event, you need an innovative, full-service company that specializes in not only creating but manufacturing special effects. From Phoenix pyrotechnics effects to controlled water, fog, fireworks, wind or flame, Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group has a staff of over 500 technicians who are ready to rock your event. Of all Phoenix pyrotechnics companies, the Pyritz Group excels with over 75 years of combined experience. We have the ability to customize almost any type of special effect.

Pyritz technicians can help you envision the show that you want to produce. We can help you plan how to surprise your audience with pyrotechnic magic and perfectly timed special effects. Pyritz is a pioneer in stage technologies, using experience and engineering to manufacture and deliver bigger and better bang for the buck. You can have flames shooting overhead, arching across the stage or lighting up your logo. If you can’t have fire in your venue, no problem. Cryogenics can produce many of the same effects using steam blasts, haze or fog curtains.

At Pyritz, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of safety for your crew, talent and guests. Since we manufacture our own systems, we can ensure quality at every level of production. Our delivery systems are uniquely capable of delivering expert effects on cue.

We handle venues that include everything from nightclubs to stadiums. You can be sure that we can handle your project. We produce pyrotechnics for conventions and industrial shows, but we also work with top musical acts, television shows, music videos and movie production companies. We have developed a diverse set of talents that make Pyritz capable of multi-media, simulated explosions, sound effects and other devices that can be utilized for stage or screen.

Pyritz is technologically advanced but human driven. We will combine our creative talents with yours to produce spectacular results. Our technicians understand how to create the mood that you need. We can help you create the crazed frenzy that you want for hip hop or hard rock acts. We can create magic for sci-fi or children’s shows. With all of the water, fog, fire, wind and pyrotechnic tools in our toolbox, we will work with you to create one-of-a-kind staging.

For the best of Phoenix pyrotechnics companies, look no further than Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group. We can turn your ideas into magic.