Impressive Phoenix Stage Pyrotechnics

From the first blast of fire to the last, Phoenix stage pyrotechnics can create shock and awe in your audience. Concerts become special events with special effects like pyrotechnics and Phoenix stage fireworks. With 500 technicians, Pyritz Pyrotechnics can make complicated effects appear to be activated by guitar chords or the wave of a hand. Conventions, television producers and even nightclubs have sought our services to turn ordinary events into extraordinary ones.

Designing a show should be fun and creative. Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group is dedicated to listening to your needs from the initial contact to the final rehearsal. With technical experience to match your imagination, we are pyrotechnics and fireworks manufacturers able to ensure quality control even as we create an innovative and exhilarating experience for your audience. Since our clients want their Phoenix stage pyrotechnics to be unique, we offer an incredible array of engineered products that will create magic right on cue.

To bring your vision to reality, we offer pyrotechnics, cryogenics, low smoke generators, flame effects, water curtains, wind movement, sound effects, multi-media components, and simulated explosions. These may be hand-held, portable effects or controlled flames shooting 60 feet into the air. Flames can arch overhead, light up custom designs or create towers of fire. Fog clouds can float freely or become a wall that broadcasts video feed or laser projections. Haze can hide a set change or create magic by diffusing the light.

Phoenix special stage effects should fit seamlessly with the show that you are creating. That’s why Pyritz special effects are designed for maximum impact and expertly timed use. At Pyritz, we are committed to making your Phoenix stage fireworks as safe as possible for your crew, your talent and your audience.

During our planning together, our technicians can recommend many different ways to achieve the same effect. Fire, cryogenics (CO2), fog, haze and water can be used to create magical entrances and exits. Confetti, streamers, bubbles and balloon drops can turn an event into a celebration. Our 500-plus staff creates, manufactures and coordinates shows for all kinds, sizes and styles of productions.

Pyritz handles tours, sporting events, conventions, and permanent installations. We handle musical acts, award shows, music videos and even television shows like Fear Factor and America’s Got Talent. We don’t judge a job by its size but by our ability to make it spectacular.