The Big Day | Phoenix Wedding Fireworks

Imagine a beautiful Phoenix wedding capped off by spectacular fireworks. We at Pyritz Pyrotechnic Group LLC are the pyrotechnics and special effects company to go to when you need some truly eye-popping Phoenix wedding fireworks. Our professional staff have over 75 years of experience between them in the area of pyrotechnics and special effects. They are excellent at both outdoor and indoor effects and we happily offer their expertise to assist with national and international tours.Though we pride ourselves on our pyrotechnics, including our sensational Phoenix wedding pyrotechnics, our motto must be “safety first.” Pyrotechnics, as you might imagine, can be dangerous unless the greatest care is taken. We at Pyritz do take the greatest care. We will work with you and go through the production step by step so nothing is left to chance. At the same time we will do our best to make your vision of the wedding fireworks a reality. If you want sound, multimedia and other displays at your wedding along with the fireworks, we can do this too.

Among our magical effects are customizable confetti, streamers, low fog clouds, as well as fog walls or fog curtains where laser shows can be projected. We have controlled flame effects to 60 feet in the air, customizable flame bars and flame projects that create small but breathtaking towers of fire. We are always looking for something new, challenging and different for our clients. We can do this because we’re a direct manufacturer and we can design custom pyrotechnics. You should have no hesitation in challenging us to do something you’ve never seen before. We love challenges!

We are a Las Vegas based company, but we do shows locally, nationally and internationally. Our clients have included Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Donny Osmond, Luther Vandross, Meatloaf, Ricky Martin and Eminem. We’ve serviced industrial shows, nightclubs, awards ceremonies, movies, TV, and sporting events. Please believe that though a customer might not be as well known as the aforementioned celebrities, we still deliver the same high standard of service and safety.