The Best In Portland Concert Fireworks

Whether you are planning a small musical event for a local function or a large concert with several different and popular recording artists, you want your event to be spectacular. Of course, the sounds of a musician or band on stage will delight your guests and attendees, but adding some extra oomph to the show with Portland concert fireworks and concert pyrotechnics from Pyritz can really make your event shine.

Who We Are
At Pyritz, we are one of the top pyrotechnics and special effects companies in the country. We serve the Portland area as well as many major cities across the country, providing special effects and fireworks to major TV and movie production companies, theatrical productions, sporting events and more. We can handle all of your special effects and fireworks needs, regardless of how large or small those needs are. In the past, we have worked with concert tours for artists like Nsync and Paul McCartney, and we have also worked with corporate clients like MGM Mirage Events, Hard Rock Hotel and so many others.

Making Your Event Spectacular
We want to make your special event just as amazing as you are dreaming it might be. With a musical event, often a culminating fireworks display for outdoor concerts is the perfect finishing touch to the evening. However, special effects can be used on and around the stage to really draw attention to the artist or band and keep audiences engaged. We offer effects like fog, flame effects, wind, haze cryogenics and so much more. These effects can be used independently for dramatic effect, or they can be creatively combined together to create an effect that is new, fresh and exciting.

When you are looking for the perfect company to call on for your Portland concert fireworks and concert pyrotechnics needs, Pyritz is the company to call. We have years of experience working with major corporations, productions and more. Our effects have delighted smaller and larger audiences alike. They can be used to make the stars shine even brighter on stage as well as to serve as the focal point of certain parts of the show. Our special effects can be used in both indoor and outdoor venues, so they are ideal for use with your larger or smaller musical production. Call us today to discuss your ideas for your show, and we can help you to explore the creative possibilities in more detail.