Pyrotechnics and Firework Company Focused on Safety and Quality

Everybody loves a good show. Fireworks, smoke and water effects are always a sure crowd-pleaser, especially when they’re precisely coordinated with the other elements of a show. Whether it’s a concert, a sports event or a corporate convention, some flash and fire is sure to liven things up. Even the most jaded audience will get up from their seats for a good special effects display.

Most people don’t think about all the elements involved in a show like that, but we do. We know that for even a short display, many elements have to be precisely coordinated to come off just right. To do a whole show is a mammoth production involving enormous preparation, execution and safety issues. That’s why you need a good pyrotechnics and firework company like Pyritz.

Nothing is more embarrassing than a huge show that doesn’t come off just right. We will coordinate all the fireworks, water effects and other elements to produce a stunning show that will leave your audience blown away, figuratively speaking.

Your display will also be imaginative. Some companies think they can produce a great show just by setting off a lot of fireworks. Our staff will use those fireworks to create an overall result that creates the impression you want, from optimism to doom-and-gloom. Our clients have ranged from America’s Got Talent to Marilyn Manson, so we can do it all.

Some of our productions have already become classics. We worked on productions for Dick Clark, Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross. We will still be doing them for tomorrow’s stars as well as a lot of corporate clients, sports events and more. We provide displays that will be memorable for many years to come.

Our services aren’t just for events. We’ve done special effects for TV productions such as the History Channel’s Valley of Fire episode and many other projects where the goal is total realism. If you need something that looks and sounds real, we can provide it.

The final element is safety. All these things have an element of real danger, and that has to be managed right. A good pyrotechnics and firework company is one that can make it look like the world is coming to an end without hurting anybody. When Pyritz does your show, the viewers will go home happy, impressed and unharmed.