Make Your Show Shine With Seattle Concert Pyrotechnics

Whether attending a symphony orchestra performance, a rock concert or something in between, music lovers attending these events want to be entertained. While concert and musical performances of yesteryear may have simply featured the artist, band, or musical group performing live on stage, productions and concert events today are expected to be full sensory experiences. With this in mind, you need to contact Pyritz today to give your guests and attendees the experience they really want at the show.


What We Can Do
When you call Pyritz Pyrotechnics, you are taking the first step toward adding Seattle concert fireworks and concert pyrotechnics to your show. We have worked on some of the largest special events and concert tours in the country, and we can help you to turn your concert into a memorable, full-sensory experience for your guests and attendees. Including fireworks and pyrotechnics in a concert production is a collaborative, creative effort. We offer the ability to incorporate water curtains, balloon drops, fire effects, lasers, smoke, wind, haze and so much more into the production. While these special events can be combined together for breathtaking results, they can also be used independently for dramatic effect. We can help you to turn a musical performance into an immersive entertainment experience for your guests and attendees.

Experience Counts
Whether your concert event will be held at an outdoor venue or an indoor venue, your guests and attendees will want to stand as close to the stage as possible. When using effects like cryogenics, smoke, flames and more, you may be concerned about the health and safety of the stage talent as well as the guests at the concert. Over the years, we have worked on some of the biggest productions in the country, including live events like concerts for Madonna, Motley Crue, Usher, Paul McCartney and others. We have the experience and techniques necessary to keep your stage talent and guests safe while executing a flawless and amazing special effects display.

While some concerts will benefit from a fireworks display at the end of the show, many other concerts will benefit from the creative use of special effects throughout the show. When you call us at Pyritz today, we can talk about what your grand vision for the production is. If you need inspiration, our creative team of special effects experts can help with that too. There is no end to the possibilities when you use the right pyrotechnics company for Seattle concert fireworks and concert pyrotechnics.