Cutting Edge Simulated Insurgency Pyrotechnics

With guerrilla and covert warfare now on the minds of every military operative in the field, it only makes sense to outfit them with the best available training. Correct guerrilla warfare and insurgent warfare training, however, involves many complex elements such as the adoption of new strategies and, of course, the learning curve of reacting to insurgent-style warfare.


Pyritz is on board to help your troops or operatives with this necessity, supplying pyrotechnics and effects to perfectly simulate a terrorist assault or insurgency attack. This kind of training involves sudden detonations, stress-response timing and of course, plenty of simulated insurgency weaponry going off. We offer the ultimate in simulation of these events, creating a realistic environment where soldiers or trainees can learn to react effectively to sudden assaults, RPG launches and many other scenarios.

War zone effects


Don't let your trainees get caught off-guard. Invest in our pyrotechnics to help provide the most engaging and convincing experience possible. With Pyritz on the job, your troops or operatives will truly feel as if they are under fire, and you can record their responses and retrain them accordingly. A few of our valuable training scenarios include RPG simulated launches, grenade detonations, and even "suicide vest" scenarios designed to optimize survival rates in a split-second do-or-die situation.

Our tried-and-tested "Chaos Training" techniques help soldiers and operators better understand how to forge order in chaotic scenarios. Allowing the tempo of battle to fall into enemy hands is a bad idea, and Pyritz can help your troops wrestle back that control in the heat of the moment. Among other valuable services for on-site training, we offer these opportunities:

  • Custom Artificial RPG Shots
  • Large Scale Sparks and Flares
  • Vehicle Born IEDs Simulations
  • Custom Product Manufacturing
Our simulated insurgency training is complemented by mounted and unmounted exercises, vehicle explosive simulations, and even artificial concussive and injury evidence that can lend realism to any training campaign. Finally, we are devoted to giving your on-the-job Stress Inoculation Therapy through detonations and explosives to produce hardened, quick-thinking soldiers who are swift to retaliate and stay cool under fire. If you want the best artificial insurgency equipment available, choose Pyritz.