The Best San Fransisco Event Pyrotechnics

At Pyritz, we pride ourselves in offering state of the art pyrotechnics services. We can provide you with premium fireworks, along with a myriad of other impressive special effects that will no doubt add a large dose of prestige and excitement to your production. We are located near Las Vegas, so if you have a San Fransisco event pyrotechnics could be used for, we are in close proximity to your location. The reason that we excel over other companies offering similar services is that we are dedicated to our trade. We are constantly experimenting and innovating, trying to find new ways to push the envelope and create more impressive special effects. Our San Fransisco event pyrotechnics have received acclaim from multitudes of people who have witnessed them firsthand.

We are not your typical special effects company. We offer a number of very specialized and unique services that are difficult to find anywhere else. Stuff like water screens, "glass breaks", and numerous handheld and portable effects are just a few of the things we have available for our customers. Of course, we still have all of the more standard offerings, such as wind, smoke, haze, bubbles, and so on. Not to mention our flame projectors and confetti cannons, both of which are huge crowd favorites.

All of our services are top of the line, with no exceptions. We have an extensive list of satisfied clients who have all benefited from our niche of expertise. Companies such as the Hard Rock Hotel, MGM Mirage, and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas are just a few of the names. If you're a sports fan, you may have recognized our work at a Miami Heat or Philadelphia 76ers game. We have also done an impressive body of work for popular television shows like America's Got Talent and Fear Factor. Singers like Usher, Miley Cyrus, and Eminem have performed shows utilizing our special effects as well.

The reason that we are able to acquire the aforementioned high end clients is that we are simply the best at what we do. Pyrotechnics and special effects are our lives, and we spend every waking moment trying to evolve this exciting industry and take it to new places. If you hire us, we guarantee that we will take the quality of your production to an all-time high, regardless of the setting.