Homefront U.S. Defense Training

Professional pyrotechnics used to be considered child's play. With applications for entertainment or aspects of show business, few realized the full potential to which professional pyrotechnics could be deployed. Here at Pyritz, we went one step further than mere entertainment. We are a full service special effects and pyrotechnics company. And when we say full service, we mean it.

We offer full scale U.S. defense training utilizing a wide range of diverse services and products to facilitate the most comprehensive MOUT (Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain) scenarios around. But proper MOUT training is about more than just the bang. We also offer a wide variety of non-pyro effects designed to facilitate the dangers of combat simulation without risk of fire hazards in surrounding areas unsuited to pyrotechnic demonstrations.

War zone training

Proper U.S. defense training can only be accomplished when the illusion of danger exists. Short of actual harm we strive to provide the most realistic compound training available through skillfully crafted and professionally executed pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnic simulations. These training scenarios are executed in a controlled environment filled with chaotic stressors similar to what's encountered in real life battlefield situations. Any scenario which can exist in a real world setting can be replicated in a simulation environment, including live fire exercises. Other training options can simulate gunship fire, tank fire, mines, IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices), bullet wounds, bullet surface strikes, suicide vests and more.

Scenario options involve counter insurgency, counter terrorism operations, hostage situations, live fire extractions and rescues and much more. Special technologies we facilitate in creating our MOUT exercises include digital firing systems for increased accuracy in timing and sequenced elements like machine gun fire, wireless firing systems designed for long range use, air cannons created and customized for exclusive military personnel training and custom manufacturing to create any type or scale of training exercise.

Military training is a rigorous and demanding element of preparing men and women for the most dangerous and frightening scenario of all; live combat. With training simulations designed to provide the most true to life exercises without incorporating the actual dangers of combat, Pyritz hopes to help our servicemen and servicewomen enter the battlefield with the most complete understanding of what they are facing that can be obtained in a simulated training environment. Here at Pyritz, it's the least we feel we can do for those who have given so much.