Lights, Camera, Special Effects! 5 Films That Wowed Audiences with their Awesome Special Effects

What is a movie without special effects? Some of the best shots resulted from very talented special and visual effects artists. Below are five movie scenes that would not be as famous as they are today without the capabilities of special effects.


1. Jurassic Park

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The classic movie that brings dinosaurs back to life. In the film, Dr. Alan Grant and a young girl are cornered by a T-Rex. "Don't move," he tells her. "If we don't move he won't see us." Who can forget the scene in which the infamous T-Rex stops the jeep dead in its tracks in order to investigate the headlights? With the films ability to pull off some amazing special effects, the dinosaur was so convincing that even the audience was taking Dr. Grants advice.


2. Gladiator

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For those of you that have yet to experience the Rome Colloseum in person, experiencing it on the big screen can be just as captivating. Although the lower portions of the massive arena were built for the scene, the rest of the Colosseum was created with a green screen and 3D architecture.


3. King Kong

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The famous gorilla steals attention with his size, but the movie steals the attention of viewers with its special effects. The destructive character's best scene is the one in which he wrecks the subway's tracks and then proceeds to wreck a passing train. Every part of this shot is alive, from the people, to their screams, to the subways, thanks to elaborate animation skills.


4. Star Wars

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Arguably one of the most famous films ever produced, it's no shock that it would contain a famous shot due to special effects. The scene in which the audience takes on the point of view as a rebel fighter diving into the Death Star's trench takes on a three-element shot with the help of a Dykstraflex motion control system.



5. Forrest Gump

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get". This motto for living can very easily be applied to the special effects industry as well. Luckily for Forrest Gump producers, presenting Gary Sinise as an amputee was a feat they were successfully able to accomplish using CGI model material. The technique was simple. All of the scenes that called for a wheelchair-bound Gary Sinise were shot using a specialty-made bed that hid the actor's legs from view. In scenes requiring Gary Sinise to be carried, the special effect's team used CGI to erase his legs from the thigh down; giving audiences the impression that Mr. Sinise's character had suffered a double amputation. 




Know of any CGI-heavy films that didn't make our list? Let us know in the comments below!



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