Performers Set the Stage on Fire!

It takes a skilled and dedicated team to pull off a concert tour. The artists schedule can include several locations within just a few weeks and there’s not much time for rest! At each venue the entire stage and all of the equipment for sound, lighting and special effects needs to be put together and then torn down… within hours. And there’s no room for error! The job needs to be done quickly, safely and precisely so that the performance goes off without a hitch leaving fans wanting more.

Pyrotechnics on stage

Concert fireworks and pyrotechnics are a part of almost every big star’s performance. These effects make the show more exciting and dynamic, and should compliment all of the other components of the show from the main performer, to dancers, lights and sound.

Usher concert photo

Whether it’s Usher, Madonna or Eminem (all clients we have worked with!) they are out to impress and need a custom show that reflects them as a performer and achieves what they want to provide for their fans.

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